Welcome to my blog. This is my diary. It’s where I try to put my ‘real’ life on paper (or a computer screen) to share with anyone who’s reading.


I like to create things I want for myself but can’t find. After I became a mother my search for ‘real’ motherhood blogs and instagram accounts came up empty. I found a large gap between real and beautifully  fake or curated.


I aim for beautifully real. I love creating beautiful spaces for my family and on a daily basis I enjoy capturing my sweet (sometimes not so sweet) moments with them in photos and in writing. Every picture I post on Instagram is from that day, something we actually did. When I write a blog post it’s usually in the morning while Phoenix, Libs and Trav are still sleeping. I write it, then I post it. Most likely my writings will be about the day before or the plans I have for that day or just my thoughts in that moment, but I like to keep things in real time. I’m not a fan of scheduling things out. I like to keep it here and now. I want you to feel the heat behind my words hot off the press.


Now the why. Why do I share my life?


Because I wanted this when I first became a mother. I wanted inspiration and realness from another woman. I wanted to hear about the every day stuff. I wanted to see the every day stuff. Not just the perfect trip someone took and then strung out the photos for three months afterwards. I wanted to see present moments that other mothers have with their families. I wanted ‘real’ inspiration, not just some materialistic ideal.


So, this is my attempt to give my real, present, moments and thoughts to anyone who is looking for that connection.


I sincerely hope if you’re reading this that you feel like a friend of mine or at the very least like you are hearing truth. My truth. And I hope that my truth can inspire yours.


Love always,



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