Family Date Day


Hi loves,


Yesterday was a great day. We got up, had breakfast and decided to have a family date day. We took a long mountain drive and had lunch and got groceries. On our drive we listened to more of Alison A Armstrong and I learned a lot about myself that I had buried down there. A new revelation. It feels so good to make new discoveries about yourself. It’s still fresh and new and I haven’t totally figured it out yet so I won’t talk about it now. But you should all check out Alison’s work. She’s really amazing.


Phoenix and Libby both just looked bigger yesterday and seem like they are growing up so fast. I want to fast forward and freeze time all at once ha. I have been so irritated with pumping this week. I know I shouldn’t complain but sometimes it just feels good to get it out and then it doesn’t bother me so much.


I hate pumping. I hate having to pump in weird places or in the car if we leave the house. (Pumping isn’t as accessible as breastfeeding, you have to take the whole shirt off and then hook up to a weird machine….not something you can do in public….) I hate waking up at 4am because my shirt is soaked, and the sheets, and the bed. I hate having to stop what I am doing to go sit down and pump for 20-30 min every 2.5 hours. I FREAKIN HATE IT!!!!


ok ok. I feel better.


I am grateful for it though. Pumping has allowed me to give Libby and Nix one full year of breast milk and thats amazing. It is so worth it. I have two healthy kiddos and I am thankful. I can deal with a little inconvenience to give them an immune system. So I continue.


Today we are hanging at home. I think I am going to paint my nails for the first time in years. Literally. I read an article about the chemicals in nail polish and was disturbed haha. But yesterday I found some that doesn’t have any of that in it so I want to try it out. I am making an effort to discover my most feminine version of myself. I know it sounds silly but it’s just this thing I am trying out for now. I’m reading lots of stuff about being a woman and our sacred history. I’ll let you know what I think once I wrap my head around it.

We will of course play outside with Sagey and maybe I’ll make us all smoothies for lunch. Then I think tonight we are going to meet some new friends in town for dinner.

Anyways, thats all I got.

Hope you have a great day!

Love always,



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Haley Bergsgaard