Hi loves,


So yesterday.

It was a good day. More figuring out life with Trav. Wednesday was a big discovery day for me and then yesterday Trav and I made some new revelations about our schedule and day to day life that I think will change the game for us. I am excited to implement some of the things we discussed.


Seriously you guys, if you’re in a relationship, you really need to check out Alison A. Armstrong. She is s good.


Because Travs work is so flexible and he really doesn’t HAVE to put a ton of time in each day, I sometimes take over. I just get excited and make plans and want to be around him like all the time. Lol. I love that guy!

But we are both realizing that a more rigid plan is something we need as a family, for the kids, for Trav, and honestly for me. As much as I want to believe that I am a fly the wind type of girl, I’m really not. I need a plan. I like plans. If the plan is to be spontaneous and fly by the wind then I am your girl. But it has to be a plan.

So now that Trav and I have our new plan I am feeling a ton of anxiety lift. A clear schedule just makes my life easier and allows me to make the most out of our days. I am excited to see how this goes.

We are going to Florida next week to visit Travs Grandparents, so the schedule won’t get a ton of momentum until after that.


One thing that specifically (in my opinion) plagues modern relationships is this idea of equality = sameness. Men and women are not the freakin same. Most men and most women are total opposites of each other (not just physically) and then we get married and we think we both should be doing the same things, have the same feelings and ideas, and behave the same. It’s just not really how things work. Men think in a completely different language than women do. Men and women’s behavior are so different for different reasons. Alison A describes all of this much better than I, so go listen to her. But take it from me, that it’s a game changer in the best way.


I love getting better at things. Any time Trav and I have an “Oooohhhhh I see” moment in our relationship it just overflows into the rest of our life and everything gets easier.



Today we are meeting the woman who is going to take Sage while we are in Florida. Then I am going to go check on Grams house (she’s gone visiting family), and then Nix is spending the night with Trav’s parents.

Tomorrow we have a cook out and then a meet up with some of Travs friends that night.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Love always,



Haley Bergsgaard