Hi, its me!


Hi loves!


Long time huh? Well I have missed you.


I needed some quiet time to figure some things out. Writing your thoughts out for everyone to see every day can be hard in times of transition.


Since my last post so much has gone on. Too much to really go into, but ill cover the basics.


Phoenix is now potty trained, 3 years old, and enrolled in rock climbing classes. He loves them and is getting so good.

Liberty is basically walking and almost 11 months old. She has three teeth and is an awesome eater.

Trav started a coaching business and is really getting into cryptocurrency trading.


I started accepting photography clients a couple months ago and I am completely in love with it. Specifically all things birth, but I have lots of different projects in the works. There is just something really special and exciting about photographing a birth that has caught my heart. I have never felt passion for something like I do photos. I’ve always felt it when photographing my own family (which I have been doing every single day for three years now). I just never took my skills seriously. But after people started requesting me to photograph them I decided to do so. I was given a new camera and I learned (and am still learning) everything I can about editing, lighting, megapixels, RAW files, printing methods, and storage. There is so much to learn. I am truly so excited about starting this photography business. So spread the word if you know anyone who is pregnant and looking for a photographer. I also have a new website which you can find at haleysphotography.co

(P.S. the website isn’t totally done yet but you can still check it out because if you’re reading this you’re a VIP)

While I stopped blogging for at time, I never stopped writing. I am working on a book that I am also so so passionate about. I want you all to read it right now! haha. One problem I have is with patience. Writing a book takes a lot of it. Especially when you are juggling two kids while working ha.

I think 2018 is going to be my year. I feel so inspired to take massive action towards my dreams and confident that doing so can only lead to good things.


I hope you all are healthy and thriving and excited for the new year as well!


Love always,




Haley Bergsgaard

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