Mean Kids.


Hi loves,

The last few days have been a whirlwind.


Wednesday we had a normal day. I made cookies and played with the babes. Nix and I spent time outside while Libby took her naps. It was fun to chase him around outside and watch his little legs run.


Yesterday I packed up the kiddos and we went to the park in town in Nederland. The local daycare/preschool had taken a little field trip. Nix was so excited to play with other kids his age. He climbed up one of the jungle gyms to go meet kids right away. He was met by two kids from the school who started yelling at him and told him he couldn’t play up there with them. They kind of blocked the doorway and made him work his way back down the playground. The preschool teacher came over and explained to them that everyone gets to play blah blah blah. But the kids didn’t stop. Phoenix knew exactly what they were doing and what they meant. He came over to me and sat in the sand. Then he got up and played in the little woods that surround the park. This was one of the first times I saw my little boy retreat into himself after someone rejected him.

Kids are freakin mean. I cried about it later when I told Trav about it, I’ll be honest.

This level of parenting is one I was not prepared for at the age of 2. I thought this was the age where all kids just want to be friends. My heart broke in a way I have never felt before. I am terrified of what childhood friendships will be like. It’s inevitable that he will be made fun of and bullied at some point, but I didn’t expect it to be so incredibly painful for me. I just want to wrap him up and never let anyone hurt him ever. I wanted to punch those kids in the face. Seriously, I wanted to. It all just caught me off guard. To see such small children in their little clicks so early and so mean so young. I was just a little shocked.

So after watching Nix just hang out in the woods by himself for 20 minutes I decided we needed to go. I took him to the carousel in town and we rode it twice. He was so happy and hugged Libby the whole time. It was the sweetest thing ever. It made me want to have like 5 more kids so that I could guarantee that they all have best friends. But I just can’t handle that ha. After the carousel we went to the train cars coffee shop and got some mini doughnuts. We had a good afternoon together.

Anyways, I am feeling pulled to get Nix some friends his age. I want him to have his own rough and tough and sweet little boy who he can be himself with.

Today we are gathering up smore sticks before taking the kids to Grammas. Trav and I are taking a date night and then tomorrow we are all going to Crested Butte for a little mini vacay with Travs parents. It should be a very fun weekend!

Happy Friday!

Love always,



Haley Bergsgaard