So much to pray for.


Hi loves,

How was your weekend?!


Ours was great with a stinky ending. We got all our gear for skiing this winter! There was a great sale going on so we all stocked up. I can’t wait to learn to ski with Nix. We live so close to a ski hill I think we will have so much as a family skiing. I have never been in my life. So it will be interesting. But I think I’ll pick it up fast and love it.

We also visited some family who live 2 hours away or so. It was great to see them. Craig is a sculptor and does amazing work. Travis is always so inspired by him when we see him.

We had planned to also go to Estes Park on Monday but I felt like the kids were exhausted and like we needed a catch up day, so we passed. Sure enough by noon Nix sprouted a nasty fever. The highest fever he’s ever had which was kinda scary for me, 103 degrees. Thankfully the fever has passed now and he doesn’t seem to have any other symptoms… weird. But I am glad it’s gone now.

The smoke hovering around from the fires in Montana is pretty unreal. I hope this upper half of the country gets doused in some rain as soon as possible. I think I will do a rain dance today with the kids and my rain stick. It worked for the last fire that was close to our home so why not!?

The world is so crazy right now. It seems like there are so many causes and so much to pray for that it can be overwhelming. What can I do as an individual other than donate a little cash, call my senators, and pray? It’s all so overwhelming. And in the overwhelm I just have to say that the best thing you can do as an individual is never allow your human spirit to be stamped out. In days like this it would be so easy to give up, look out for number one, and not care about the worlds issues. While I understand we cannot all care about everything all the time, we can care, we can feel for people and send love their way. Be kind in your day to day interactions and know it will ripple through.

The human spirit is at risk of being exterminated it seems. Never before has there been a time where humans are bombarded with bad news, after bad news, all hours of the day every day. It could turn us numb and into the zombies all our movies foretell. If in these days of unrest, turmoil and disaster you do anything, let it be to set free your human spirit in any way possible. Create, laugh, have fun, roll around in the grass, play like a child, stick up for someone who can’t stick up for themselves, cook healthy food in your home, adopt an animal, grow plants, read books, knit. Create for the sake of creating, becuase to me that is the must human spirited thing you can do. The human spirit is a beautiful thing and will solve all our problems that are occurring today. Focus on the good while helping where you can.

While so many are calling on others to help in disasters, stand up for whats right politically or send money here and there, do so with pride and excitement to rally up some troops to help with your particular cause. We have become so combative with people. Combativeness only brings our for sorrow, anger, depression and fear. Those emotions have never changed the world for the good. You can be angry at whats happening in the world and still be kind. We are all fragile creatures navigating this weird world.

Be nice. Help where you can. Build up the spirit that is in you, create something beautiful that wasn’t there before. Leave each space you are in better than when you found it. Give yourself to the world in that way, if nothing else. Pray, cry, smile, laugh, dance. Those are things humans do. Numbness to the world is not a human trait, its a human survival mechanism, but it does just that. No one lives a full life through numbness. Let the emotions you feel lead you to creating something. Creation is human.


Love always,



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Haley Bergsgaard