Trav Turned 31!


Hi loves,


Yesterday was Travs birthday. The morning was spent dealing with plumbing issues, which was a bit of a bummer, but we are glad to have the problems solved. Trav opened the gift I got him and the picture that Nix drew him. Hearing Nix say “Happy Birthday” is literally the best thing in the world and we asked him to say it all day long haha.

After dealing with the plumbing, we headed to the mountains for a little jeepin and exploring. He took us up to a reservoir I have never seen before. That seems to be a tradition for Travs Birthday, 3 years in a row now. Then we grabbed some lunch and headed home. Trav napped and rested the rest of the day. I made him lemon poppy seed muffins (paleo) for his desert. It was a great day.

I think today will be a somewhat normal day, back to our schedule which we need. Our schedule has been wack.

I think today I will hang outside with the kids as much as possible. The nights are getting cold. Fall is upon us, so I want to soak up all the sunshine I can.

Other than that it’s babies, dishes, laundry, and cleaning those dang ceiling fans! I HAVE TO DO IT TODAY!

Hope you all have a great day.

Love always,


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Haley Bergsgaard