We reclaimed the park!


Hi loves,


Today we went to the park. It was so so great and has officially redeemed itself. I’ll be honest the last time we went I didn’t ever want to go back. But Nix has been specifically requesting the park almost every day. Now that he is talking I basically want to give him everything he asks for lol. Relax, I wont get out of control. ┬áBut hearing “I need go park peez” in his little baby voice is the best and he said please…soo… haha

We got to the park and there was a little boy there who looked like his twin. He had a little man bun and the same eyes and everything. It was really wild. Come to find out Max is only three days older than Nix. They didn’t have a ton of time to warm up to each other but we are all going to go get dinner later this week so I am really excited for Nix to have a little twin friend.

Nix was so outgoing at the park and made new friends all on his own. It made my heart so happy to see him being confident again and being received well by the other kids. I’m a lover of the park again.

Now I am sitting at a coffee shop and Trav is watching the kids. He is going biking tonight and said I could grab some alone time quick before I have the kids solo all night.

It’s is really amazing what an hour or two sitting at a coffee shop by myself can do for me. I just need some time to feel my soul every now and then. I’m just a better human, wife and mother when I have that alone time.

Something that I have to consciously be aware of is the “persecuted mother” thing. I feel like a lot of women kill themselves, never asking for what they need, in the name of “sacrifice” for their families or husbands. I learned quick that, that just doesn’t work. I am mean, stressed, eat too much, and just in general pissed off if I don’t get what I need. While alone time is something that obviously helps me as an individual, I honestly insist on it mostly because I see how it affects my kids. I’m so much more edgy with them when I don’t get my time. It is so important to me that I do not misplace any type of negative emotion onto my kids that isn’t theirs to hold. If I catch myself getting angry with Nix for something that isn’t his fault or is just silly, I know, Ok it’s time for mommy to be alone now.


I’m gong to go get my pinterest inspo fix and some new tunes.

Love always,



Haley Bergsgaard